Getting 'Horizontal viewport was given unbounded height.' with TabBar TabBarView

I build a Card and put on it some tabs. The three tabs worked fine at first, but as I added data I got the error:

 if (!constraints.hasBoundedHeight) {
              throw FlutterError(
                'Horizontal viewport was given unbounded height.\n'
                'Viewports expand in the cross axis to fill their container and '
                'constrain their children to match their extent in the cross axis. '
                'In this case, a horizontal viewport was given an unlimited amount of '
                'vertical space in which to expand.',

In the debugger.
The easy fix was to wrap the tabbarview() with Expanded()

 child: Column(
                      children: [
                        const SizedBox(height: 60),
                        const TabBar(
                          //   controller: _tabController,
                          tabs: [
                              child: Text('Pray'),
                              child: Text('Comments'),
                              child: Text('Settings'),
                          child: TabBarView(
                            controller: _tabController,
                            children: const [
                              Text('Put Pray data here'),
                              Text('Put comments herer'),
                              Text('THESE ARE THE SETTINGS'),