Top 10 Packages [2 - 8 January]

# Name Description Votes
1. overlay_loader_with_app_icon A flutter package that shows a beautiful overlay loader with appIcon when initiating an async call. 59
2. list_load_more A lazy loading ListView easy to implementation, easy to customize with your own loading animation and support some feature like add, remove single item and focus to item 49
3. parallax_sensors_bg Flutter package to simplify giving a parallax effect in the background of a page that responds to a corresponding sensor detection. 17
4. auto_injector Automatic Dependency Injection System, but without build_runner :slight_smile: 14
5. sitesurface_flutter_openai This Flutter package allows you to easily integrate OpenAI’s API services into your Flutter application. 14
6. focus_on_it Get notified when a widget is focused or unfocused and react to it. 11
7. gun_dart A Dart wrapper around GunJs. Create beautiful DApps in flutter with the decentralized P2P database Gun. 11
8. mobkit_enum_generator Provides Dart Build System builders for handling Enum. You can get values ​and descriptions from your enums. 10
9. solidart A simple State Management solution for Dart applications inspired by SolidJS 10
10. dartcord_core Dartcord makes it easy to create discord bots using the Dart programming language 9