Top 10 Packages [ 9 - 17 January ]

# Name Description Votes
1. extension_enabler A command line tool that enables flutter web app as chromium based extension with simple commands. 14
2. sitesurface_flutter_openai This Flutter package allows you to easily integrate OpenAI’s API services into your Flutter application. 14
3. flame_jenny Flame bridge package to Jenny (a Dart port of Yarn Spinner). 13
4. fms Brings Google’s Material symbols to your flutter project. 13
5. jenny YarnSpinner equivalent for Dart. 12
6. image_magick_ffi Dart bindings for ImageMagick C library which is used to edit images. 11
7. vr_player The VrPlayer lets you play 360° and VR videos smoothly on Android and iOS platforms 11
8. add_to_google_wallet A Flutter plugin that provides the Add To Google Wallet Button. 11
9. sashimi A sprite stacking framework build on top of the Flame Engine. 10
10. flutter_material_symbols A Flutter package that provides a set of Material Symbols icons. 9