Top 5 packages [26 DEC - 1 JAN 23]

The following made the top 5 lists by votes for: 26 December - 1 January 2023

1.) crimson | 31

Fast, efficient and easy-to-use JSON parser and serializer for Dart.

Features #

  • :racing_car: Fast: Like really fast. Crimson parses JSON in a single pass.
  • :sunflower: Easy to use: Crimson is designed to be easy to learn and use.
  • :dancer: Flexible: Crimson can partially parse and serialize JSON.
  • :cold_face: Freezed support: Crimson supports freezed classes.
  • :feather: Lightweight: Crimson is lightweight and has no third-party dependencies.

2.) alarm | 23

A simple Flutter alarm manager package for both iOS and Android.
Alarm package for iOS and Android #
This Flutter package provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for setting and canceling alarms on iOS and Android devices. It utilizes the android_alarm_manager_plus package for Android and the native iOS AVAudioPlayer class.

3.) flutter_emoji_gif_picker | 13

The same emoji-gif picker as whatsapp. Takes the same size as your keyboard(Mobile).

4.) gallery_picker|13

Gallery Picker is a flutter package that will allow you to pick media file(s), manage and navigate inside your gallery with modern tools and views.

5.) fancy_cart | 10

cart package for flutter which is easy to use and support all features, you can use it in your app to make it more fancy